The Innocent by David Baldacci

  In The Innocent, David Baldacci’s latest suspense thriller, a government assassin is teamed with a teenaged girl and an FBI agent to determine the connections between several murders and to keep themselves alive in the process. Will Robie is the agent who assassinates enemies for the government–he is a loner and is careful and plans for any and every possibility that something could go wrong, trusting no one but himself. But an assignment goes wrong when he is told to kill a woman and her children–his refusal makes him a target and he is on the run, the hunter becoming the hunted. While fleeing from the scene, he crosses paths with Julie Getty, a 14 year old runaway who witnessed the murder of her parents. He saves her life and the two team up to try to discover the reason for the murders. They encounter Agent Vance when she is involved in investigating the murders and she eventually believes in Will and Julie and wants to help them solve the cases, but circumstances create more questions than answers. More killings, a plot with twists and turns and more turns, strong  and complex characters, and wonderful descriptions of characters and settings combine to make this a story that is hard to put down. If you enjoy the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child or the Jason Bourne series by Robert Ludlum, The Innocent is a book you will enjoy!


The Lost Symbol


Did you know that one of Washington D. C.’s most pious and sacrosanct buildings includes on its facade a frightening carving of Darth Vader?
Dan Brown’s newest novel The Lost Symbol is filled with such fascinating facts. This book has appeal for many who are interested in art, history, symbols and secret societies. I found the story very fast paced and loved the setting of our nation’s capital. Once again the protagonist Robert Langdon is involved in solving a mystery that involves secret rites and symbols. He spends one day chasing clues all over the city to solve this quest.
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Angels and Demons


Popular author Dan Brown is a master at fiction that involves puzzles, mysteries and conspiracies and Angels and Demons is no exception. His character, symbologist Robert Langdon from the book The Da Vinci Code, becomes involved in a hunt that involves antimatter, the long-lost secret group the Illuminati as well as secrets of the Vatican. His chase to save the St. Peter’s and the Vatican from destruction sends him racing across Rome for clues to prevent the murder of 4 Cardinals and the explosion of antimatter. Brown’s story is exciting if improbable and his writing is not the most literary, but he tells a story filled with action and excitement, along with some interesting information about how things work in the Vatican.