Thunder and Rain

Tyler Steele, Texas Ranger first, husband and father second.  His wife, Andie, couldn’t handle the stress and finally after wiping out his funds ended up in a drug detox center.   After Tyler, also known as Cowboy, left the center he literally ran into a young mother, Sam and her daughter, Hope.  They needed help and that was his life, helping those in trouble.  A horrible crime had been committed, and the man who committed it would hunt them down no matter how long it took.  Tyler took them to his home town where they could get a fresh start and he could look after them.  Thunder and Rain by Charles Martin is written in a backward story telling way with Tyler doing most of the telling.   But we also get Hopes point of view with her letters to God.  Some of the information is giving out right, with details and circumstances coming later in natural dialogue.  This is a fast moving read making it hard to put down.

Copper Beach by Jayne Ann Krentz

Abby Radwell uses her psi-powers to ward off a crazed intruder who is after an encrypted chemical book that she has the rare power to unlock. A deranged killer threatens her to find the book for him, or else!   Abby deals in antiquarian books, some with paranormally encrypted texts, but she keeps her powers undercover except for a few selected clients.  She seeks help from Sam, an expert in rare minerals and paranormally-charged crystals. Sam is willing to help because he believes the blackmailer wants the very same lab notebook his family has been trying to keep off the market for decades.  Abby and Sam’s relationship quickly becomes something much more personal.  Wicked wit, psi-enhanced passion and a twisted plot come together as Krentz delivers another funny, sexy and suspenseful chase–the first book in her new Dark Legacy series, Copper Beach.

Shining Through

>Susan Isaacs is usually an author of womens fiction and mysteries but she has written two spy novels.  Shining Through is her fourth novel,  a World War II spy thriller.  It was made into a movie with celebrities Michael Douglas, Melanie Griffith and Liam Neeson.
Linda Voss is a secretary in love with her boss. As common place as that theme is, Linda’s dream comes true when the wife of her boss, John Berringer, leaves him for another man and circumstances allow for their marriage.  John is a high profile lawyer doing work for European countries in the late 1930′s.  Both he and Linda speak German which is essential for handling the business transactions frantically happening on the continent.  They are drawn into espionage through their law firm,  and Linda volunteers for a spy mission when their marriage begins falling apart.  This gripping novel with its romance and twisting plot kept me hooked.  All of Susan Isaac’s books have been New York Times best sellers!

Sleepwalker by Karen Robards

>While house-sitting for her Uncle Nicco, Micayla (Mick) Lange, a police detective, is awakened from sleep by an odd noise. Investigating the sound, she discovers a burglar in the process of breaking into her uncle’s safe. Her police training kicks in and she attempts to subdue the criminal. During their struggle, Mick sees incriminating photos involving her uncle fall from the safe and she realizes her life is now in danger. On the run for their lives, Mick and the burglar Jason must brave the Michigan winter to escape. Neither trusts the other, but Mick and Jason must join forces to survive. Robards has created a tense romantic suspense novel in Sleepwalker, one filled with plot twists, turns and surprises–an exciting new thriller!

Secrets by Kristen Heitzmann


Lance Michelli has always been the wanderer of the family, periodically coming home to his grandmother’s kitchen for her cooking lessons and her undying affection. But now she is lying in the hospital and concerned that her time is running short. She sends him on a mission to Italy and California on a mission to right the wrongs of the past. It is up to him to uncover the secrets at the family homestead in the Sonoma Valley, but the owner, Rese Barret, will accept his presence only with reluctance. While he stealthily researches his family history, his cooking slowly melts her reserve and his open nature and faith help Rese to face her own past. With a compelling mystery and characters that one can’t help but cheer on, Secrets by Kristen Heitzmann is an example of Christian fiction at its best.

Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts


Fans of romantic suspense by Nora Roberts will be pleased to find that her latest novel Chasing Fire is available at the library. Roberts explores the world of elite smoke jumping fire fighters in this story of adventure and intrigue. Rowan Tripp, daughter of a famous smoke jumper, has also trained to become a skilled smoke jumper. She loves her work but is haunted by the death of a fellow jumper in a fire during the last season. She trains a new crop of jumpers for the Missoula, MT group and over the season they are bonded into a close knit, efficient unit whose lives are dependent upon each other. Gull Curry is a new member of the team, intelligent and capable, and attracted to Rowan. Rowan is a strong, competent female character who fights her attraction to Gull. As the fire season progresses, the team is plagued by troubling incidents, arson, murder and life-threatening sabotage. The interplay between Rowan and Gull is entertaining and touching, and both are very much equals in the relationship. The smoke jumping crew is filled with vivid and believable characters. Roberts has done her research on smoke jumping and her descriptions of parachuting into forest fires and fighting the fires are exciting and enthralling. This is an absorbing mystery as well as an homage to the bravery of the dedicated people who work as smoke jumpers to save our forested wilderness areas.

The Forbidden Rose by Joanna Bourne

>William Doyle, an English spy stationed in revolutionary France, finds Marguerite de Fleurignac hiding in the remnants of her burned out chateau. She is the key to completing his mission of finding her father and a list of names of English military men he put together. Marguerite is determined to find her father and reunite with her family after the burning of the chateau, which fits right into William’s plans, so he maneuvers himself into escorting her to Paris. Along the way, Marguerite and William meet with other members of Marguerite’s network, La Fleche, that spirits people condemned to the guillotine out of the country. The two also come to admire each others’ intelligence and cunning in navigating the dangerous world of revolutionary France. Their attraction grows as they near Paris and the increased danger therein during the height of Robespierre’s Great Terror.

Bourne has created a wonderful romance between two strong, charismatic characters in The Forbidden Rose. The backdrop of revolutionary France and the Great Terror adds a sense of urgency and suspense to an already strong plot. The depth and relationships with the secondary characters also increases the appeal of this sensual love story.

The Search by Nora Roberts


Nora Roberts delivers another exciting romantic suspense story with her latest novel The Search. Fiona Bristow is a dog trainer and leads a canine search and rescue team on an island near Seattle. Years earlier, she fought back as a serial killer attempted to abduct her, assisted in his prosecution and moved on to take control of her life. She worked to be independent and not consider herself a victim but a survivor. Her new neighbor Simon comes to her classes to train his uncontrollable puppy and sparks begin to fly between the two. Simon resists his attraction to Fiona and she asserts her independence. A copy-cat killer threatens Fiona and she and Simon work to cope with the danger and find the killer together. Both are strong, multi-faceted characters with lots of chemistry between them and both are are forced beyond their comfort zones to become involved with each other. Adding interest for me was the information about dog training and canine search and rescue that Roberts weaves into the story–another taut thriller form Nora Roberts.

Shattered by Karen Robards


Karen Robards comes through with another sizzling romantic suspense novel with her latest book “Shattered”. Lisa Grant is an attorney who returns home to Kentucky to care for her ailing mother. She finds a job as a research assistant for District Attorney Scott Buchanan, a childhood neighbor who did odd jobs for her wealthy family. When Lisa is assigned to a cold case file where she bears a striking resemblance to a missing family member, she attempts to unravel the mystery of the photograph, only to find an attempt being made on her life. The chemistry between Lisa and Scott grows as the mystery deepens—the mystery is intriguing and the characters likable. Robards is a master at combining romantic tension and a suspenseful plot creating an entertaining read!!

Pursuit by Karen Robards


Fans of Karen Robards will be pleased with her latest romantic thriller Pursuit. Jessica Ford is a young attorney working for a large law firm in Washington, D.C. Her boss asks her to pick up the First Lady at a bar where she is hiding from her Secret Service detail. After a fiery automobile accident where Jess is the only survivor, Jess finds herself on the run from the police and the Secret Service, unsure of why she is being chased and not knowing whom to trust. She teams up with agent Mark Ryan and the action is fast-paced as they try to learn why they are being pursued and where the conspiracy surrounding them will lead. The romance heats up along with the action–Robards excels at romantic suspense fiction and this latest offering is sure to please fans of that genre.