The Importance of Being Seven by Alexander McCall-Smith


I can hardly keep up with the newest Alexander McCall-Smith books. Recently there has been a new novel out in one of his series nearly every month. The newest one in the 44 Scotland Street series is The Importance of Being Seven. I just love to read about Bertie, the perpetual six year old who can’t wait to be seven. His domineering mother, Irene, makes his life miserable. She has motherly good intentions such as keeping him inordinately busy with saxophone lessons, Italian language lessons, and seeing the psychotherapist (a new one since the former has moved away after a liaison with Irene).
In this book Bertie’s father finally stands up for him and disregards Irene’s arguments opposing their camping trip. What a glorious time they have enjoying forbidden chocolates and crisps and almost catching fish. The other tenants of this Scottish apartment building include a newly married couple, Matt and Elspeth, who may be moving to grander quarters now that triplets are on the way. Dominica and Angus have a marvelous time on a trip to beautiful Italy after being invited by Antonia who has designs on Angus. Antonia experiences a meltdown in a most unusual way.
The wisdom and philosophical musings of McCall-Smith make this another delightful book to savor.