The Drops of God, V. 1 by Tadashi Agi


Shizuku Kanzaki works in sales for a beer company and has never tasted so much as a sip of wine in his life. This was his act of rebellion against his famous wine critic father, Yutaka Kanzaki. When his father unexpectedly passes away, Shizuku finds that his estate and world-renowned wine collection will not pass to him as a matter of course. To inherit, he must compete against a young wine critic prodigy to identify twelve wines described in rich detail in Yutaka Kanzaki’s will, as well as a wine known as “The Drops of God,” that “stands above them all.”

If you are a wine lover or enjoyed the movie Sideways for its wine references, this is the manga for you. The Drops of God series was a huge hit in Japan and in France and is only now being released in English six years after its original publication. All the wines written about in the series are real, so you can learn about wines that cost a month’s worth of an average salary or some hidden gems in the $20-30 range.