Rurally Screwed: My Life Off the Grid with the Cowboy I Love by Jessie Knadler

Jessie, a thiry-something New York City girl, editor for a splashy women’s magazine, describes herself not as “happy,” but caustically content with her life–work, parties, and  drinking and has a long-time relationship with a guy who at best is a jerk.  Assigned to go to Montana to do an article on rodeo, she meets Jake, a twenty-five-year-old bull rider.  Jake votes Republican, listens to Garth Brooks, owns guns and is a Christian.  Jessie is blindsided by a genuinely lovable, optimistic, old-fashioned gentleman.  After a short long-distance courtship, she impulsively ditches Manhattan, and finds herself living in backwoods Virginia, canning, sewing, and raising chickens.  After a time, she asks, “is it worth it?”  The answer comes among war, Bible clubs and moonshineRurally Screwed is a hilarious true-life love story, reminiscent of Macdonald’s The Egg and I.  Take a peek at Jessie’s website, with pictures and funny comments on life in the country.

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