Ravished by a Highlander by Paula Quinn

> I must say that the cover and title of this book almost prevented me from reading it.  Even I was slightly abashed to be caught reading this.  But I’m glad I overcame my embarrassment because it’s a great story.
Rob MacGregor is traveling to pay homage to the new king.  As the future chief of his clan he takes his responsibilities seriously and doesn’t have the time for romance.  But when a dying soldier uses his last breath to ask MacGregor to save Lady Davina Montgomery from a burning tower, he cannot refuse. 
Davina has lived in a convent all of her life for the sake of her own protection, but as a new king is crowned, even the convent can’t keep the forces of evil from chasing her down.  She tries valiantly to defend her home, even as she sees all of those she loves being killed.  With all those she trusts laying bleeding on the ground, she has no choice but to believe in the powerful warrior who scoops her into his arms and carries her away. 
With Ravished by a Highlander, Paula Quinn spins an adventurous tale of love and treachery, fleshing it out with historical detail, political intrigue, and two captivating characters.

One thought on “Ravished by a Highlander by Paula Quinn

  1. >Yeah, I´d be kind of wary to let myself been seen reading a book named like this and with the cover and all… But Paula quinn is really a good writer and her stories very rich. Wish these kind of writers would choose better names, though

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